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DIY Making a Soft Scrub

Here's a recipe for a homemade soft scrub that is good to use on tile, bathroom sinks and other areas where a bit-o-scrubbin' is needed without a lot of abrasiveness. In a bowl combine 3/4 cup baking soda 1/4 cup castile soap 1 Tablespoon water When adding the water...

DIY Dusting Spray Recipe

When people are faced with increased allergy symptoms a contributing cause can be dust. By routinely dusting your home, and workplace, you may find a significant reduction in allergy symptoms. And instead of buying dusting a spray, some of which can exacerbate your...

DIY No-Streak Window Cleaner

We continue to have nice sunny days with daytime temps in the 50s. There's still time to get your windows clean before the cooooold settles upon us. We also have time to wash off the dirt before all of the relatives descend on  our homes for Thanksgiving. You want to...

DIY Daily Shower Spray Recipe

At home the bath and shower is one area people most dislike to clean. This Shower Cleaner can be kept in the shower and used as a Daily Shower Spray. Fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar Add 3 Tbsp. of natural dish soap per 32 oz. (Mrs. Meyer's is good or make...

DIY Citrus-infused Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Here's a recipe for a Citrus-infused Vinegar All Purpose Cleaning solution. It not only works well , is safe but smells nice as well. You'll need: rinds from a lemon 2 whole sticks of cinnamon 4 whole cloves quart Mason jar white vinegar water Here's what to do. In...

DIY Home Cleaning Basic Ingredients

We love saving money. We like to tinker, repurpose and fix stuff ourselves. We want to keep our homes clean and as chemical free as possible. That's why we search out DIY cleaning solutions to use in our homes and pass them on to you. If you plan to make your own...

Femme Alure Floor Cleaning

Femme Alure is a photography studio located in the Pajama Factory in Williamsport PA. The Pajama Factory is an 300,000 sq. ft. facility build in the 1880s being renovated into an artist community. It offers artist studios as well as work and retail space. White the...

Clean Bathrooms & Successful Companies

When we talk about the impact a dirty bathroom, or any area perceived to be dirty by your patrons, has on business we are often met with comments like "We don't have that problem here." or "Yeah, I've seen that in other places." And they are mostly correct, very few...

A Sparkling Difference

We spent the night taking care of the floors at Dino's Restaurant in the Lycoming Mall. It had been a while since they'd been stripped and waxed so it was a tough job but in the end it was very rewarding. With all of the tables and equipment removed from the dining...

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Due to the coming storm, beginning at midnight tonight, PennDOT will impose a ban on empty straight trucks, large combination vehicles (tandem trailers and double trailers), tractors hauling empty tra...

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our employees and to You!❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Me dijeron que pusiera CLAVOS DE OLOR en medio limón y no hice caso, pero mi hijo lo hizo y es increíble lo que pasó. te cansaste de ir al mercado en busca de un insecticida y no tener resultados ...

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