When we talk about the impact a dirty bathroom, or any area perceived to be dirty by your patrons, has on business we are often met with comments like “We don’t have that problem here.” or “Yeah, I’ve seen that in other places.” And they are mostly correct, very few businesses have horrible bathrooms or dirty dressing rooms, or filthy floors. However, the level of dirt and stain we accept grows over time not because of the amount that is present but because of the eye we  see it with.

As we become accustom to anything we start to see it in less detail. It takes a ‘new eye’ to see something as it is. Our minds see the paint on the walls as it was when it was freshly painted or as we desire it. The new eye sees the smudges and chips and fade. It’s the same with carpeting. It’s the same with dirt buildup along baseboards and on light fixtures. It’s the same with the grime growth on restroom floors and between desk & filing cabinet.

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We don’t see it because it builds up slowly and we become used to it being there.

“A few years ago, USA Today reported that dirty bathrooms were hurting business in some very direct ways. Nearly 50% of restaurant patrons who experience a dirty bathroom will tell friends. Almost 3 in 10 restaurant patrons won’t give a place a second chance if they encounter a dirty bathroom. And if you’re a restaurant owner, remember, customers are taking pictures of your dirty bathroom and sharing it on social media.” Read more here.

These customers don’t tell you they have stopped spending money with you they simply disappear. You may notice a down tick in revenue and adjust your business to steer it back, or have a sale, or blame the economy. Rarely will a business owner view his business with a new eye from top to bottom, books to bathrooms, searching for reasons for lost revenue or ways to increase customer satisfaction.

A clean business, a clean office, a clan home, a clean environment to work in, play in, relax in, shop in,, live in is paramount to mental and physical health. Make sure your customers and employees, and you, have such an environment.

If you would like us to view your business with a ‘new eye’ feel free to give us a call or drop us  an email. We will be happy to consult you from a customer’s view as well as help you cleaning.

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