Cleaning’s not glamorous. I didn’t just bust someone’s bubble did I?

I mean, cleaning a toilet is not on the top of anyone’s bucket list. Cleaning the bathroom for your family is one thing but cleaning toilets for strangers……yuck!

There are some really nasty, uncaring toilet users in the world, trust us!

Yet cleaning needs to be done.

Clean is good.

Dirty is unhealthy, it’s ugly, it’s unnecessary.

This week look around your office. Does it look like the person doing your cleaning is doing a great job? If so GREAT! If so thank them the next time you meet in the hall. You certainly want to keep them cleaning for you.

If not, well, let’s talk.

We’re not out to replace someone who’s doing a great job for you, but if your cleaning crew is falling short we’d love to meet, look at your business and give you a quote.

At ProGreen Cleaning we are not only interested in keeping your office clean, we clean with not-toxic solutions, using healthier techniques than traditionally employed. It’s one thing to clean, it’s another to clean healthfully.

Cleaning’s not a glamorous job but think of what your world would be like if nobody did the cleaning. Cleaning is something we’ve chosen to do and cleaning healthfully is our preferred method.

Check out our Green Cleaning page then see if there’s a service we can help you with.

Have fun. Stay Clean. Stay Healthy.


ProGreen Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services in the Williamsport PA area. We promote green cleaning products and techniques for offices and industry alike creating healthier environments for employees and customers. If you are in need of routine office cleaning, cleaner windows, store or warehouse we’d be happy to meet with you and offer a cleaning proposal. Contact us here.

ProGreen Cleaning, a Williamsport cleaning company

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ProGreen Cleaning is a conscientious cleaning company in Williamsport PA using health safe products

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