Emergency Cleaning

Sometimes events can't be stopped. In those times we help pick up the pieces.

Emergency Cleaning

Sometimes we can’t plan for our cleaning needs. That’s where ProGreen Cleaning’s Emergency Cleaning Service can help.

Flood Cleaning

After a flood it is important to move quickly to replace flood damaged items, which is why you want to call us for your post flood  emergency cleaning needs. We will have a team at your business the moment it is safe to start work.

Fire Cleaning

Post fire cleanup for your property will require dealing with possibilities of smoke damage, water damage and a lot of debris. Call us to help in your post fire clean up anywhere in the Williamsport area.

Wind Damage Cleanup

Trees, flying debris or just a whole lot of dirt, can be a real headache after a storm with high winds. Count on ProGreen Cleaning’s emergency cleaning services to help clean up inside and out.

Burglary & Major Crimes

At times a business has to deal with burglary and how to clean up afterward. Once the police have closed the crime scene it’s time for our emergency cleaning staff to move in and get your business up and running as quickly as possible.


We can help repaint walls, fix glass and remove debris from your property after an act of vandalism. If desired we can have our contractor partners install preventive and surveillance equipment.

To find out more about our Emergency Cleaning services contact us.

ProGreen Cleaning emergency cleaning services
ProGreen Cleaning emergency cleaning services

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